Solutions for your “C-ITEMS” – Experts in Production Fastening and Assembly Components

AFC Industries is a united group of companies providing supply chain management expertise in support of original equipment manufacturing and assembly plants. We are a Value-Added provider of fastening and other assembly components, specializing in “POINT-OF-USE-DELIVERY”, vendor managed inventory systems. We support a diverse industry base of manufacturers that include medical, rail, power generation, transmission and distribution, fluid handling, food equipment, lighting, defense, automotive, and many other industries.

Inventory Management Programs

Component Parts Replenishment is a comprehensive and customizable program of parts management. We provide expert analysis of your current assembly line process and provide a solutions based replenishment system tailored to your specific needs.

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Our kitting and assembly capabilities can cost effectively eliminate “Bottlenecks” in your assembly process, internal work orders for picking, staging, and coordination of packaging and assembly work. We provide unit of measure cutting, aftermarket parts support, on-site purchasing support and many other customizable value added service offerings.

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We have partnerships with manufacturing plants in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We understand and work within an expansive range of manufacturing disciplines. Our product specialists have the expertise to expose cost drivers in the parts that you purchase. We will determine the most economical way to produce your part and provide the savings to you!

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